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Jumper Rentals

Welcome to our store. We hope you find what you are looking for. Bounce houses are the greatest and safest invention for your kids to have a memorable and enjoyable party. Our bounce houses are a must have for your kid's party. All our inflatables are commercial graded and insured.  Our rentals are guaranteed to be delivered and set up before your party and picked up until your event is over. Get in touched with us to book your next event. We offer discounts on packages of two or more.

BOUNCE HOUSE (3)_edited.jpg

Open Top Bounce

SIZE 13' x 13' 

14'x14' Bounce House_edited.jpg

Boys Castle

SIZE 14' x 14'

Bluegray Castle

SIZE 15' x 15' 


Redblue Castle

SIZE 15' X 15'

BOUNCE HOUSE (4)_edited_edited.jpg

Bluegray Castle

SIZE 15' x 15' 

BOUNCE HOUSE (7)_edited.jpg

Rainbow Bounce House

SIZE 15' x 15' 

Tropical Bounce House

SIZE 15' x 15' 

Module Bounce

SIZE 16' x 16' 

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