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Open Sky Jumper's Tent Rentals

Tent rentals In Long Island
15'x15' Tent Rental
20'x30' Tent rental
Winter tent tent with heater
20'x20' Tent Rental
Tent with walls for rent
Tables and chair rental

Open Sky Jumpers LLC Provides: Elegant Frame Tent Rentals for Your Backyard Celebrations

Transform your backyard into a festive venue with our premium frame tents. Perfect for any occasion, from family reunions to large gathering, our frame tents provide a spacious and elegant shelter that will impress your guests.

Features and Benefits:

  • Enjoy a clear, open area without the inconvenience of center poles. Our frame tents offer a continuous space for your guests to mingle freely.

  • Whether it’s on grass, concrete, or a patio, our frame tents can be securely installed on any surface, providing flexibility for event locations.


    Weather-Resistant: Crafted from high-quality materials, our tents stand strong against the elements, ensuring your celebration continues, rain or shine.

Rental Packages:

  • 15'x15' and 20'x20' Tents: Ideal for smaller groups, providing a cozy space for up to 40 guests.

  • 20'x30' and Larger Tents: Are great for events with up to 100 guests, perfect for grand affairs.

  • Need something unique? We offer personalized packages to meet your specific party needs.


  • Keep your guests comfortable with our climate control options, including heaters and Side walls. At Open Sky Jumpers LLC, we’re committed to making your backyard party a memorable success. Contact us to find the perfect tent package for your next event!

  • Add a bounce house and get a $50 Discount on the package 

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Open Sky Jumpers LLC is  Your one stop for your PARTY RENTAL needs. We offer a wide range of rental options including tents, tables, chairs, bounce houses, and concession machines. Take advantage of our discounted packages that include tents and bounce houses for your next event. Contact us today to customize and reserve your package.

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